Organising task-force meeting

A meeting of the PERC organizing task-force took place in Brussels on 23 and 24 of June. The meeting was financially supported by the ILO-ACTRAV. The participants were discussing different roles the national centres of Central and Eastern European countries are playing in organizing processes, its policies and practical achievements.

Particular attention was put on the different organising situations: the situation of work with workers of multinational companies, the situation of those engaged in informal economic relations, those working individually or under civil (and other type of non-standard employment) contracts, the situation of young workers.

Furthermore the participants discussed how trade union structures are (or not) adapted to these situations as well as whether they evolve with the lessons learnt from the crisis. This debate will be further continued at the PERC Summer school, to which several trade union experts agreed to contribute with written analysis of the organising experiences within their organisation.

Solidarnosc in commerce sector