PERC Human and Trade Union Rights Network

The General Council in December 2008 in Brussels decided to establish regional networks of HTUR experts to carry out HTUR work at regional and national level as part of the ITUC Human and Trade Union Rights Committee mandate.

On the occasion of the PERC workshop on international and European trade union policy architecture in April this year, it was decided that the PERC HTUR Network would organize the Launch on the occasion of the 2nd PERC Summer School to be held in Bratislava from 7 and 9 September. During this meeting, 15 persons from the PERC Region participated in that meeting coordinated by Nadine Thevenet, HTUR Officer in charge of the PERC region and chaired by Stephen Benedict, HTUR Department Director. Anton Leppik of the PERC secretariat, Enisa Salinovic from the ITUC Sarajevo office and Anna Salnikova from the Moscow office also joined the meeting.

On the 7th and the morning of the 8th, participants discussed how to build the PERC HTUR Network with the objective of fulfilling the HTUR activities as described in the HTUR mandate and action plan presented by Stephen Benedict. The report of this workshop as well as the HTUR Mandate and Action plan were presented and discussed at the plenary of the Summer School in the afternoon. The need for effective participation of affiliates in the HTUR activities and for better and regular communication was highlighted. Participants of the PERC Summer School strongly supported the ITUC HTUR work and the set-up of the Network.

All documents presented at the Plenary of the Summer School are accessible on this page. Furthermore, a letter will be sent to all PERC affiliates asking them to nominate a contact person for the HTUR Network. Then, a mailing list will be built to enable regular and easier communication.

As was explained during the Plenary presentation, each affiliate should be given the possibility to participate according to their means. This Network will not necessarily involve new work but aims to support work affiliates were already carrying out on HTUR issues. It is just a way to work in a more efficient and coherent way.

Any information regarding the PERC HTUR Network or the ITUC HTUR activities please do not hesitate to contact Nadine Thevenet, tel (direct): +32 (0)2 224 03 10 ; nadine.thevenet at

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