PERC Steering Committee meeting

The PERC Steering Committee met virtually on 14 of September. It discussed economic and employment situation in Europe, that is facing record high unemployment and economic activity downturn and the need to preserve workplace and social protection measures to protect societies and economies, but also to ensure proper control over occupational health and safety in COVID - 19 realities and regulation of remote, distant and platform work.

Situation of Belarus, where independent trade union movement joined massive protest actions against fraudulent elections and violence orchestrated by Lukashenka’s regime, was in focus of the meeting, with Aleksandr Yarashuk, President of the BKDP, informed about striking movement at Belarusian enterprises and repressions against leaders of workers, who face dismissals, intimidation, administrative arrests and detentions. The Steering Committee expressed full support of the PERC to the fight of Belarusian people and workers for democracy and rights, including the right to withdraw labour in protest against suppression of democratic freedoms.

The human and trade union rights situation in several other countries, including Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, was discussed. The Steering Committee also noted the amendments to the PERC work-plan 2020 in a view of the travel restrictions in Europe, postponement of the PERC Women’s Conference and launched preparations for the virtual PERC Executive Committee meeting.

Belarus actions for PERC steering committee (as of 10th September)