PERC Steering Committee meeting

The PERC Steering Committee met on 9 March, chaired by PERC President Irakli Petriashvili. It listened to testimonies by Ukrainian affiliates about invasion of Russian troops in Ukraine and its horrific impact on civil population, cities, infrastructure, and social facilities and demands of Ukrainian unions and workers to international community and trade union movement.

The ITUC General Secretary Sharan Burrow and the ETUC / PERC General Secretary Luca Visentini reiterated condemnation of the Russian aggression and call for withdrawal of military troops and dialog, informed about trade union solidarity actions, including Global day for peace in Ukraine on 15 March, as well as political demands put forward by the ETUC to the European Union.

More than 2 million citizens fled the country, several million people displaced internally. Trade union organisations collect funds to support people in stricken areas, opened its buildings and facilities to host refugees, disseminate goods and first aid issues, medicine, food to population. Unions from all around Europe are united in solidarity, organize donations, aid convoys, transport, accommodation, and practical aid to refugees, but also to people staying in Ukraine via FPU and KVPU. Millions of Europeans go to streets and joining their voices for peace in Ukraine, peace in Europe.

The Steering Committee decided to convene an extraordinary meeting of the Executive Committee of the PERC on 5 April 2022.

ETUC-ITUC action on 15th FB
ETUC-ITUC action on 15th Twitter