PERC Women Committee’s statement. 365 days of war in Ukraine. Russia must stop the war!

We, PERC Women Committee, want to express our solidarity and continues support to our Ukrainian sisters and brothers both in the country and those that had to flee, because of the war.

Our hearts go out to all the Ukrainians that lost their family members and dear ones or had to be separated due to the war. War is always traumatic and destructive in every way. We condemn all forms of violence and aggression, especially against women and children, and all forms of war crimes committed by the Russian forces. Russia must answer for the crimes committed in Ukraine.

We underline the importance of providing psychological and medical aid for victims of violence. During this year of war women suffer the most. Ukrainians urgently need victory and peace to be able to focus on recovery and rebuilding a free, democratic and equality based Ukraine with participation of Ukrainian Trade Unions.

We demand that Russia take the troops out of the Ukraine, stop the shelling of Ukrainian territories and the genocide of Ukrainians.

Peace and justice!