PERC Women’s Committee supporting Glasgow women strike

Yesterday and today (23-24 of October) in Glasgow thousands of women municipal workers are taking part in a strike in support of equal pay. The PERC Women’s Committee gathering women’s networks from both EU and non-EU countries in the Balkans and NIS would like to express its solidarity with the strike action organized by the women municipal workers in Glasgow.

A new pay and grading scheme introduced in 2006 was supposed to end to pay inequality based on gender. Instead, its implementation introduced new discriminatory measures.
Women in traditionally female jobs – such as caterers, cleaners and care assistants – still found they were being paid less than men were in traditional men’s jobs, even though the jobs were of equal value and should have been paid the same!

PERC Women’s Committee supports the actions of Glasgow women, demand quality jobs for all workers, and stop the gender pay gap once and forever!

In solidarity,
PERC Women’s Committee

Solidarity letter by the PERC Women Committee