PERC Youth Committee’s statement regards situation in Georgia

The youth committee of ITUC-PERC, which represents and unites the young generation of the trade union movement, we would like to express our support and solidarity to the Georgian society and especially to those young people, who are sincerely inspired with the idea of freedom and independence and because of that they are protesting the draft law “On Transparency of Foreign Influence Agents”.

Such spirit of the youth to become a part of civilized, progressive and democratic world is really appreciated.

It is noteworthy that Georgian Trade Unions Confederation, for its part, expressed a strongly negative attitude on all platforms, both inside the country and outside the country, regarding the draft law on “Transparency of Foreign Influence Agents” and considered it backward step on the way to European integration. Step - that would prevent workers from protecting their rights.

The withdrawal of the draft law announced in Georgia is, among other things, a positive step towards the protection of the rights of working youth. This was achieved precisely by the sharp activity of the progressive young generation.

Protecting the rights of working youth is the duty of each of us. We cannot fulfill this duty by suppressing freedom and the voice of young people.

PERC Youth Committee