PERC Youth Committee statement

Dear colleagues and friends,
Today is World Day for Decent Work and millions of people all over the world are taking part. This is the 5th World Day for Decent Work (WDDW), when trade unionists and labour rights organizations across the world will mobilize again in favour of Decent Work.

Global economic crisis still hitting working young people hard in every part of the world, trade unions around the world are organising mobilisations, events and activities on October 7 to demand decent jobs and full respect especially for young workers’ rights. Last year there were 706 actions in 97 countries on WDDW and expectations for this year are just as high. This year actions in different countries will cover a very important issue that is YOUTH EMPLOYMENT.

Youth unemployment rate is very high in times of crisis in the Pan-European Region. Youth unemployment rate is significantly higher than general unemployment rate in most European Countries. According to Eurostat, youth unemployment rate in 15-25 age groups August 2012 stood at 22.7% - the highest rate since comparable records began in 2000s. This is a social and economic time-bomb.

There is new generation of young people - most educated than ever, but they have many challenges to enter the labour market and to find a first job. Educational background, skills are not enough for job seekers in times of Crisis. Many of them are in precarious or informal jobs. Their salaries are not adequate; they have not social protection and/or regular contracts. Young people who are employed are increasingly likely to find themselves in part-time employment and often on temporary contracts.

The crisis, and the inability or unwillingness of governments to restore jobs and growth, is having a particularly brutal impact on young people. The governments’ measures which are now implemented for solving crisis do not address that, on the contrary.

It is the day for us, for our peers, for youngsters who are losing most from the crisis wrong policies the governments are implementing to face it. Austerity means less or no perspectives for young people of Europe. We have to cry that loudly and the WDDW is the wonderful opportunity to get us heard.

Dear Friends,
Especially, we expect to full and active participation in the World Day for Decent Work for this year, and to receiving the information about your activities via the website, before, during and immediately after they take place. No action is too big or too small for the World Day for Decent Work: be it a round table discussion, a huge demonstration, a protest letter, a flash mob action or something completely different (

On behalf of the PERC Youth Committee I would like to call to everyone: Let`s show our youth unity and power on this crucial day! Join the movement and sign up your actions! Together we can make a change!

Good luck with your actions!

In Solidarity,
PERC Youth Committee President