PERC Youth Committee’s statement for 8th of March

On March 8, the world celebrates International Women’s Day. On this symbolic day women are congratulated by: employers, representatives of governments, men, friends, family members and others. Everyone focuses on women and gives them flowers.

It is on March 8, but...
Every other day, the large number of women still experience violence, harassment, the pay gap between women and men is huge, and women are still victims of discrimination both at the pre-contractual relation and in the labour relation due to pregnancy and other family obligations. It is also a reality that women are the first to lose jobs in the conditions of job cuts. Gender is still one of the most common indicators of discriminatory treatment today.

Young women still do not have full access to education, decent jobs. Women, especially, young women, are less represented in the decision–making process, women’s access to managerial positions is low, their voice is less heard.

The informal sector, where the employment rate of women is high, makes women even more vulnerable, who are deprived of protection guarantees.

It is important to take effective steps to strengthen women’s rights, eliminate violence, harassment, discriminatory treatment, achieve social equality, increase women’s access to workplaces and ensure women’s decent participation in the decision-making process, so that we can celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8 with dignity.

We stand in solidarity with women in Iran, who are fighting for freedom and equality.

The PERC Youth Committee joins the celebration of March 8 and calls on everyone to make every day a Women’s Rights Day to ensure equality.