"Road to Recovery"

On 26 of November in Vilnius the Baltic Sea Trade Union Network High Level Meetingwas held. Leaders from all 22 Trade Union Confederations, which are BASTUN members, participated.In 2009-2010 BASTUN is chaired by the Lithuanian Trade Union Confederation (LPSK) in cooperation with Lithuanian Labour Federation (LDF) and Lithuanian Trade Union „Solidarumas“.

The 1st session’s topics were about economic crisis and how it’s affecting Baltic Sea Trade Union Movement and what are the political priorities for the Baltic Sea trade union movement in order to counteract the crisis.

Speakers for these topics were:

Mr. Mikhail Shmakov (President of Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia, FNPR, and the Pan European Regional Council, PERC)
Mr. Peteris Krigers (President of Free Trade Union Confederation Latvia, LBAS)
Ms. Raita Karnite (Academician of the Latvian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of economic sciences)

The 2nd session was devoted to membership, need for strategic transnationally organized projects; social dialogue promotion and Trade Union political strenghtening and how can be made use of Baltic Sea Labour Network (BSLN) in this context.

Speakers for these topics were:
Ms. Wanja Lundby-Wedin (President of LO Sweden and European Trade Union Confederation, ETUC)
Mr. Christer Wälivaara (General Secretary of Nordic Federation of Building and Woodworkers, NBTF)
Mr. Aleksandras Posochovas (President of Lithuanian Service Workers’ Trade Union, LSWTU)

This meeting’s slogan „Road to Recovery“. Meeting was chaired by Artūras Černiauskas, President of BASTUN and Lithuanian Trade Union Confederation. Bastun as organization was presented by Mika Häkkinen, Executive secretary of BASTUN and leader of Working Group for Strategic Planning.

Meeting’s conclusions were presented by Ms. Bente Sorgenfrey (President of Confederation of Professionals in Denmark, FTF, and Nordic Trade Union Council, NFS).

Also during this Meeting the Resolution regarding Belarusian Trade Unions was adopted.

statement on belarus