Ruskin college women’s course for NIS

A week of discussion, practical skills development and seminars for women working in trade unions and nongovernmental organisations, with the opportunity to network with UK organisations and Ruskin College students.

Participants will have the opportunity to pursue particular interests including visits to sister organisations, as well as one to one tutorials and small group discussions.

Key themes

o What are the expectations of women in the workplace, in society and as leaders?

o What are the roots of gender equality and what does this mean for women today?

o What is the impact of different political and economic histories on gender inequality, and what can we learn from one another?

o What are the key skills and how can we develop them?

o How can gender and other forms of inequality best be tackled within an organisation?

o What issues face women as leaders?

Next Event
Dates 18-24 October 2009 (application deadline: 24 July 2009)
Eligibility Nationals of CIS states (outside the EU)
Language(s) This course will be run in English and Russian

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