"Safe bridges for migrant workers": final publication

“Safe Bridges for Migrant Workers: Pilot Initiatives in Moldova and Ukraine” is the project promoted and managed by ISCOS-CISL, the Institute for International Cooperation of the Italian CISL Trade Union Confederation. The initiative focuses on strengthening legal channels for labour migration from Ukraine and Moldova to Italy, and sees, for the first time, trade unions (in the countries of origin and destination) as direct protagonists in the governance of migration, in close relationship with institutional public authorities and private actors.

The labour migration has now become a topic of extraordinary importance in
Europe and particularly in Italy, that over the past 20 years has been the country of destination of migration flows. Through this initiative, thee union, already heavily involved in the reception of migrant workers in Italy, attempts to provide a first union response to the theme of migration linked to those of international labour mobility and development, laying the foundations for a structural collaboration with trade unions in countries of origin.

This publication briefly provides an overview on the issue of labour migration in Italy, as well as, describes the objectives, methodology and main results of the project. The contributions of the main actors who participated in the implementation of project activities are also included in the last part. These contributions are designed to provide the perspective of institutional and private actors on the issue of the governance of labour migration and they also help determine the contribution of the ISCOS project on this issue, highlighting criticalities, challenges and future prospects.

The project was co-funded by the EU Commission.

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