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Moldova: Social Service Workers’ Trade Union considers that the amendment of the articles of the Labour Code will increase corruption

26 March 2013: The amendment of some articles of the Labour Code and of the Trade Union Law, proposed by the National Confederation of Patronage and goods manufacturing "Sindindcomservice", who consider that the proposals of modification of legislation will lead to the affection of rights and interests of the employees and Trade Union Bodies.

"These provisions will free the employer’s hands, who will be able to dismiss the employees any moment without a reason. Moreover, the employer will be able to dismiss from the positions the persons, only for the purpose to employ his relatives", considers Ana Selina, the chairman of the Republican Committee of Social Service Workers’ Trade Union and goods manufacturing "Sindindcomservice".

The members of the Trade Union "Sindindcomservice" support the Declaration of the National Confederation of Trade Unions of Moldova concerning the intentions of amendment of some articles of the Labour Code and of the Trade Union Law. Thereby, at the meeting, the primary organisations were proposed to discuss the Declaration in the work collectives, meetings, discussions, the meeting of the respective Trade Union Bodies with the expression of position towards the Declaration and the consolidation of the trade union efforts to protect the rights, which belong to them.

The Declaration will be also discussed at the seminar on trade union activities which will take place on March 21.

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