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Social dialog in crisis, round table for the Confederation of Trade Unions of Armenia

30 November 2009: The PERC organised a seminar on the issues of the social dialog and its importance in the situation of the economic crisis for trade unions of Armenia. The Confederation of Trade Unions of Armenia received the status of the associated organisation of the ITUC in October 2009 and this event started its formal cooperation with the PERC.

The round table involved some 25 unionists, mostly leaders of the sectoral unions. The main topics covered included international trade union movement, social dialog in Europe, trade union rights and mechanisms of its protection - international and European, economic crisis and its implications.

Several areas of joint cooperation were identified, particularly, in the sphere of labour law, where government is proposing certain ammendments that would undermine unions’ positions.

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International trade union movement
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European Social Dialog
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Human and Trade Union Rights

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