Solidarity letter to BKDP re. explosion in Minsk metro

The General Secretaries of the ITUC Sharan Burrow and of the ETUC and the PERC John Monks have sent a letter of condolences to the BKDP President Aleksandr Jaroshuk regarding terrorist attack in Minsk metro.

Dear Aleksandr,

We were shocked to learn about barbarous terrorist attack in Minsk metro that killed twelve people and wounded more than a hundred, ordinary workers, students, citizens and guests of Belarus capital. The explosion was obviously planned to get maximal damage to inspire fear and panic among the population.

Please, convey our strong sincere condolences to those affected by the attack and members of their families. We absolutely denounce this terrorist act and hope that those behind it will be found and brought to justice in the nearest future.

We mourn today with you and the people of Belarus.

Yours sincerely,

Sharan Burrow, ITUC General Secretary
John Monks, ETUC, PERC General Secretary