Statement by the members of PERC Youth Committee

Today is one year from the date of Russian invasion to Ukraine. This year brought chaos, suffering and pain to millions of people. We continue to stay in solidarity with all those civilians who faced with this aggression and threats in XXI century.

We condemn Russian leadership, those, who support this war, violate human rights, kill people.

We hope for permanent peace, respect to human rights, international law, state borders and sovereignty!

At the same time, this difficult and challenging time should not be used by state authorities and neo-liberal powers anywhere to violate the workers‘ rights. Every worker, every member of independent trade union should enjoy her or his right to association, right to strike, established social and labour guarantees.

We call for all responsible ones to give workers a time and necessary things for a normal life.

It is the workers movement itself that has always fought for peace and will fight for peace. True solidarity is always international.

PERC Youth Committee