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Statement of the Federal Executive Board of the Confederation of German Trade Unions regarding the current events in Ukraine

4 March 2014: The Federal Executive Board of the Confederation of German Trade Unions is deeply concerned about the current events in Ukraine. It calls on all those involved to do everything possible to avoid a military conflict.

International law and human rights should be respected by all parties, especially regarding
- the sovereignty and the territorial integrity of Ukraine
- the protection of minority rights in Ukraine
- the ruling out of further escalation of the conflict in Crimea and in other parts of Ukraine

The DGB Federal Executive Board strongly believes that decisions regarding the future development of Ukraine and its regions require wide democratic legitimacy. Ukraine needs a perspective for the future that can only be agreed through dialogue, and not through armed force. We urge all those with positions of responsibility in Ukraine, in Russia and in the European Union to seek a peaceful solution to the conflict.

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