Sustainable Economic growth policies

Brave and innovative economic policies are needed to confront the challenges and proceed towards developing models for sustainable social market economies. Political elites have failed to meet the level of the challenge and allowed European economies to slip towards a new recession. At the same time, mounting anxiety and anger over irresponsible economic policies have also demonstrated impressive mobilising potential.

Three main sources of policy development and interaction are crucial for shaping future developments in this priority area: the need to control and manage global financial system and the globalisation process; EU efforts to find real solutions and contain damage of the crisis; and the capacity of trade unions to develop alternative and adequate anti-crisis policy responses for Europe.

The direction and content of the union policies along the first two lines are outlined and guided by ITUC/GUF/TUAC and ETUC/ETUI documents and materials. It is for national trade unions to assess and orient their strategies to the best opportunities for impact on their particular situations.

The PERC focuses primarily on securing the smooth and timely information concerning developments in the policies to overcome the crisis, exchange of expertise and upgrading of skills of the relevant experts or policy actors, expert and organizational support in developing their policy initiatives, campaigns or actions. To these ends PERC supports and participates within its level of competence in the initiatives of ITUC and ETUC and other structures, e.g. the Council of Global Unions, the working group on economic policy at the Trade Union Advisory Committee (at the OECD), ETUC/ETUI events etc.