On 23rd of November in Belgrade, Serbia was held 8th Congress of TUC NEZAVISNOST.

TUC NEZAVISNOST Main Board, at the constitutive session held during the Congress, elected new leadership, composed as follows:

- Zoran Stojiljkovic, President
- Cedanka Andric, Executive Secretary

and three Vice-Presidents:

- Tomislav Zivanovic, President of NEZAVISNOST Trade Union of Education
- Milan Simic, President of NEZAVISNOST Trade Union of Public Transport and Services
- Dragan Milanovic, President of NEZAVISNOST Trade Union of Culture, Art and Media

Correspondence relating to international cooperation will be continued through e-mail address internationaldepartment(@)nezavisnost.org. For direct contacts with the newly elected President you can use the address predsednik(@)nezavisnost.org, and sekretar(@)nezavisnost.org for direct contact with newly elected Executive Secretary.