The 1st of May in Georgia

Georgian Trade Unions Confederation organized a massive demonstration in front of the building of the parliament of Georgia dedicated to the International Workers Day on 1st of May. More than 10,000 protesters expressed their dismay to the social-economic policies of the neo-liberal government of Georgia, denounced continuing tendencies of Georgian authorities to limit the rights of the working men and women of the country.

The participants of the rally displayed firm protest to: unfair dismissals, growing unemployment, draconian labour code setting the standard of Middle Ages, increased communal bills, the robbery of the population by number of insurance companies, non-existence of unemployment benefits, pensions below the minimum living standard, state of the citizens being as hostages of banks, unfair and high fines imposed on students, degrading maternity leave, non-existence of proper social-economic polices and social responsibility of the government before its own people.

The protesters also adopted a special manifesto addressing the parliament and the government of Georgia and urged the authorities to make immediate steps and implement all necessary measures to alleviate abject poverty, put an end to practices restricting workers rights and follow the path of truly democratic development of the country.

The participants of the action have also presented each member of the parliament of Georgia all legislative initiatives elaborated by the Georgian Trade Unions Confederation from 2007 to 2012 aiming at respecting and protecting workers rights, improving welfare of the population. The protesters demand from their representatives in the parliament to exercise their constitutional right and initiate discussions about these legislative bills and finally make them as law. It should be noted that all legislative proposals presented by the unions have been ignored by the parliament of Georgia so far.

It is worth noting that not only Trade Union members, but also students, pensioners, unemployed and other ordinary citizens took active part in the demonstration.

The protest action was widely highlighted by Georgian mass media and had a very positive resonance in the society that undoubtedly will increase public credibility of the unions.

The action was supported by the ITUC Solidarity Fund

/Georgian Trade Unions Confederation