The 2nd meeting of the PERC Youth Committee

The second meeting of the PERC Youth Committee took place in Brussels, 22 January 2010. The meeting concentrated on the analysis of the experiences of trade union actions in the framework of the World Day for Decent Work and other activities of the PERC Youth, on discussing the communication and campaigning means for trade union youth, agreed on working plan in 2010.

The Youth Committee positively assessed the actions of the European Youth linked with the WDDW, particularly highlighting visibility and success of the creative and innovative approaches practiced in Denmark, Hungary, Croatia, Russia and some other countries. The members of the Committee expressed its readiness to further build on the experience in the WDDW and other frameworks.

The Committee was introduced to the specific initiatives the international trade union movement is devoting to the youth and youth employment: the ETUC is putting youth employment as the outmost priority for actions in 2010, the ITUC is launching youth campaign and also is targetting young women in its regular women’s campaigns.

The meeting also discussed a couple of ammendments to the terms of reference as it was requested by the Youth conference, and developed proposal to the PERC workplan that would be considered by the next meeting of the PERC Executive Commitee.

Special attention was devoted to the coming ITUC Congress and the ways to achieve the target of 10% of young delegates that had been set up by the ITUC General Council.