The 3rd FNPR Youth Forum

The third FNPR Youth Forum took place in Yekaterinburg (Russia), October 22-25, 2009, in which more than 100 young trade unionists from all over Russia, from Sakhalin to Kaliningrad, young colleagues from Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan took participated. The new Chairman of the FNPR Youth Council was elected - Aleksey Slyazin, the representative from the Ekaterinburg region.

Young people have worked in four working groups in order to prepare plans and recommendations to cover in the following areas:

1. The priorities and directions of activities of young trade unionists.
2. Trade union structure modernization and efficiency.
3. Dissemination of information among young people.
4. Representation, organization and protection of young workers in informal economy.

The working group nr.4 was moderated by the ITUC / PERC representative Sergejus Glovackas (results are attached in PP). During the workshop, the PERC FNV IE workers organizing and representation program and SME organizing national programme implemented by FNPR were presented to the participants. The youth from Russia and the guests prepared recommendations to the FNPR, the PERC and regional Youth councils on working with young people engaged in informal labour relations.

During the forum the young people were actively debating with the Russian Duma deputies, representatives of the FNPR leadership. A lot of attention was given to the strengthening of the international cooperation among young people plans.

Chairperson of the Sverdlovsk region Council of Trade unions (FNPR) Andrei Vetluzskih participated actively in the work of the Forum and the respective discussions.

This region is the heart of Russian industry. And it is very encouraging that many young people work in trade unions structures, while the organizing department is actively involved in the process of setting up of new organisations.

Sverdlovsk (Ekaterinburg) area’s trade unions unite over 1 mln. members.


Informal economy group work
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