The 4th PERC Women conference

The PERC Women’s Conference took place on 20 October 2016 in Tbilisi.

The new Women’s Committee of the Pan European Regional Council (PERC) adopted an extensive work program with the following priorities:
• To Promote equal treatment; fight to eliminate gender pay gap and pensions gap; increase union activity for pay equity at national, regional and international level,
• Deal with challenges related to work-life balance; campaigning for the right to a decent living wage sufficient to cover basic needs, and for women working involuntarily on part-time contracts to have the possibility of moving to full-time contracts or at least to increased hours. A key action will be to lobby for investment in child care and social care; improvement of pay and employment conditions for workers in care economy; promoting the "Count us" in campaign for care economy
• Promote women in decision making positions in trade unions at all levels; promote actively the ITUC’s commitment to achieve gender parity in its programs and in access to positions of responsibility in the leadership and structures of the ITUC, its affiliates and trade unions generally, with particular attention to the active participation of young women in decision making bodies; the women’s committee focus is on organizing young women in unions and it has set an ambitious target for unions to increase with at least 5% female membership in unions;
• Fight against violence at work; condemn violations of women’s trade union rights and violence against women trade unionists;
The 4th PERC women’s committee was elected in Tbilisi, Georgia, 20 October 2016. President of the PERC Women’s Committee is Sabine Slegers, CGSLB Belgium.

Elected members of the PERC Women’s Committee 2016
ITUC PERC Tbillisi 2016

The conference also adopted the programme of action for the next cycle

Work programme
Программа 2017-2018