The new Law of Police brings discontent among the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Personnel reorganization, together with coming into force of the Law on the police activity and the status of policemen, aroused more discontent among the employees of new General Police Inspectorate of Ministry of Internal Affairs. After the new Law was published in the Official Monitor, the presidents of the primary organizations of trade unions and the members of the "Demnitate" Trade Union Council, have met on Wednesday, March 6, where have analyzed the biggest deficiencies of the Law.

On Tuesday, at the Government meeting, was appointed to the position of the Head of the General Police Inspectorate, Ion Bodrug, who earlier occupied the position of Vice minister of Internal Affairs.

"These days I noticed that there appeared more violations in the police inspectorates, regarding the employment, salary or restoration at the work place", declared Alexandru Gobjila, general secretary of "Demnitate " Trade Union.

If those from the districts said that they didn’t face serious problems, then those from the capital drew attention on more violations.

"The personnel was practically forced to accept some positions, not taking into account the rank, experience etc. Also was breached the principle of two months of pre-advising. It was a mockery", said Valeriu Boboţac, the president of trade union organization of the General Police Commissariat of the Chişinău municipality. The Head of trade union organization of the Police Commissariat of Botanica, Vasile Moleşteanu, informed the administration of the "Demnitate " Trade Union that the organization is accused of destabilization of the situation in commissariat.

The most severe problems, revealed at the meeting on Wednesday, have been presented by the representative of the trade union members of Police Brigade with special destination "Fulger". "We know that 35 work places have been eliminated. All the positions were lowered with one rank. A big number of employees want to leave, especially taking into account that the employees of "Fulger" leave only on their salary. They trust no one anymore. Now we are revolting post factum ", affirmed Valentin Popescu.

Previously, the representatives of "Demnitate " Trade Union applied for the president of the country, Nicolae Timofti, not to promulgate the Law on the police activity and the status of policemen, but they were not heard. The trade union members sustained that in the Law project was not included a decent social package. The members of "Demnitate " Trade Union will continue to fight for the Law to be modified in favor of police.

Information Centre of Trade Unions