Trade Unions in Lithuania protest against liberalisation of Labour Code

On 16th of June Lithuanian trade unions invited people to protest action against adoption of the new liberal social model and against reduction of workers’ rights. On the 16th were planned voting procedures in the Parliament. People were invited to watch discussions and voting procedures on the screens outside the Parliament and to express their requirements. Unfortunately, after announcing of protest actions, members of the Parliament postponed voting procedures.

Lithuanian Trade Unions are particularly concerned that proposed changes in the new Labor Code will reduce workers’ rights. The project of new social model consists of the package of laws: Labour Code and the Social Security Act. It attempts to liberalize labour relations and to reform the pension system in Lithuania. Laws regards sickness, maternity, pensions and other issues affects all Lithuanian residents, not just employees. Lithuanian trade unions and workers are in danger from proposed changes in the Labour Code. A great number of amendments to the draft Lithuanian Labour Code would dramatically deteriorate workers’ and trade unions conditions in Lithuania.
Trade Unions sais:
no to zero-hour employment contracts;
no to reduction of severance pay;
no to limitation of the information – consultation rights;
no to restriction of workers’ rights during a strike;
no to extension of mandatory social insurance record.

Trade Unions also organized sarcastic “elections” of most beloved hero of working class for introducing 0 hour contracts, implementation of worst European practices etc.