Turkey: Metal workers resistance against Government’s prohibition to strike

During group collective bargaining negotiations in GE Grid Solutions, ABB Electricity, Schneider Electricity and Schneider Energy workplace, agreement couldn’t be reached. As a result of this, on 20th of January, 2200 Birleşik Metal İş members started “Metal Strike” with full participation and with great enthusiasm. After the strike was started, in the same day, in the mid-day, Government postponed the strike for 60 days.

Metal workers see this postponement as prohibition. Since 2002, right to strike of tens of thousands of workers in Glass, Plastics and Mining sectors were taken from them by Government. In 2015, strike of thousands of metalworkers against MESS (Metal Employers’ Union) were postponed by Government. On 18th of January 2017, Strike in Asil Çelik steel mill was prohibited too.

Metalworkers does not recognize Government’s decision, which protects only bosses and employers, which doesn’t take care of workers’ hard work, which takes workers’ right to strike from their hands, which prohibits usage of a Constitutional right.

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