On 30 June, the conciliatory council of factions of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine considered social draft laws before their submission for consideration at the parliamentary session. About half a thousand of trade union activists organised an action in support of these draft laws passing through parliamentary committees.

Speaking to them, FPU Vice-President, head of anti-crisis headquarters Sergii Kondriuk said that it was a rally not ‘but ‘in favour’ of adoption of a number of social laws t designed to facilitate the lives of most of our fellow citizens who need higher wages and pensions, reducing utility rates, restoring of children’s health improvement and sanatorium-and-spa treatment.

‘We remind the people’s deputies that they only executors of the people’s will,’ Mykhailo Petrov, President of Fisheries Workers’ Union of Ukraine, said.

Antonina Marianska, chairperson of Bila Tserkva City Organisation of Public Services Union, appealed to the people’s deputies and said that at last we could see beginning of constructive cooperation of elected representatives with trade unions. Now everything depends on how legislators will vote. ‘Such vital to millions of Ukrainian laws tax cannot be postponed to the next session’ she warned.

Another trade union action is scheduled for 2 July and will be near the building of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

We demand the people’s deputies to vote for the following draft laws:

- No. 2883 on adjustment of wages, pensions and other income;

- No. 2682 on pensions tax reduction;

- No. 2698 on abolishing tax and pension restrictions to working pensioners;

- No. 2835 on reducing gas prices gas for households;

- No. 2245 on restoring funding at the expense of social insurance programmes of summer health improvement of children, sanatorium-and-spa treatment of workers, support or sanatoria enterprises and institutions;

Trade unions expect support of people’s deputies and general public solidarity in defending rights to a decent life.