Ukraine: Miners ended protest after reaching agreements with authorities

Miners, members of the Independent Trade Union of Miners of Ukraine finished their protest in Kyiv after the agreements on addressing wage arrears and lockdown of coal-mining enterprises were reached. As the NPGU Chairperson Mykhailo Volynets informed, on 12 of July miners of state-owned and privet mines, who had been protested for 11 days in Kyiv, went back home.

During the negotiations, protesters got guarantees from the acting Minister of Energy of Ukraine Olga Buslavets, who also mediate the negotiation process between the Government of Ukraine and energy market participants.

According to the reached agreement:

  • On the instructions of the President of Ukraine, the idle coal mining enterprises will resume their work. The LLC DTEK ‘‘Dobropillyavuhillia’ workers return to work on Monday.
  • Concrete steps to address the wage arrears problem will be taking.
  • The purchasing of the coal extracted by Ukrainian coal-mining enterprises will be resumed.

"The current situation has convinced us of the need for a comprehensive and systematic solution to the problems of the energy sector"- commented on the reached agreements Ms. Buslavets.

The NPGU Chairperson Mykhailo Volynets assured that independent trade unions are following closely the implementation of all reached agreement.

“The protest is over and miners are quite satisfied, but exhausted by 11-day action. There is some progress in resuming the work of coal mining enterprises and in solving the problem of wage arrears at state-owned mines. However, there is no absolute certainty that all mines, especially state-owned ones, will work stably in the future, that Ukrainian coal will be purchased and consumers will pay for it on time. We also understand that there are risks of new wage arrears. Therefore, the NPGU remains mobilized and vigilant, we but hope to continue a comprehensive dialogue with the authorities and employers to address the miners’ problems and ensure their rights " – said Mr. Volynets.

The Independent Trade Union of Miners of Ukraine expresses gratitude to all trade union brothers and sisters for their solidarity and support.

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