Ukraine: Miners of state-owned and private enterprises protest on 18th December in Kyiv and regions

On 12th of the December, the Council of Heads of the Independent Trade Union of Miners of Ukraine (NPGU) decided to hold actions against wage arrears and violations of labour rights. In addition, the NPGU demanded ensuring decent jobs, stabilizing of the situation in coal industry and ensuring energy safety in Ukraine. This decision was supported by miners of state and private coal-mining enterprises in different regions.

According to the Chairperson of the Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine and the Independent Miners Union of Ukraine Mykhailo Volynets, the wage arrears at the state-owned coal enterprises amounted to UAH 1,07 billion.

“However, this debt will increase up to UAH 1,5 billion till the end of the year, if the problem of nonpayment isn’t solved. At the same time I was informed that the Ministry is instructing state-owned coal-mining enterprises management to cut payroll in November for 20-30%. This is a violation of the current labor legislation and the Sectoral Agreement provisions"- claimed the NPGU Chairperson.

Besides, the NPGU leaders paid attention that the Govermnent found finance for importing not only electricity, as well as coal. For example, in January-October 2019, 17.3 million tons of coal were imported to Ukraine and it cost almost $ 2.4 billion or UAH 57.6 billion. This situation affected state-owned coal-mining enterprises, as well as private.

Another problem needed to be adressed is a delayes of payments for coal from the side of PSJ Centrenergo and SOE Derzhvuglepostach (State Coal Supply Service).

Having considered all problems, the Council of the NPGU decided to hold actions at the local level and in Kyiv. Besides, for the support of miners regional councils of several mining towns appeals to the President of Ukraine to prevent the destruction of the coal industry and to provide possible measures to ensure energy security of Ukraine.

On 18th of Deceember miners are going to stop coal extraction and hold demonstrations in several cities in miners regions . Besides, the NPGU affiliates start a protest actions near the Parliament and the Government of Ukraine tomorrow morning.

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