Sustainlabour: un updated version of the Training Manual for Workers and Trade Unions on Climate Change

The purpose of this guide is to help to understand one of the most serious and interesting challenges facing humanity: climate change. In recent years there has been much discussion concerning this problem, which has gone from being the subject of discussion of a select few scientists, to appearing as front-page news in many newspapers. Climate change is as much a physical and environmental issue, as it is an economic and social one.

Access to information and training are necessary to improve working conditions. The purpose of this manual is to provide workers and trade unions with general information and guidance on how to deal with climate change.

The manual targets mainly workers and trade unions, both from developing countries and countries with economies in transition from Africa, Asia and the Pacific, and Latin America and the Caribbean. The manual is elaborated for women and men, workers, who are in industry, agriculture, government and other public or private sectors, to enable them carefully consider the potential risks and opportunities of climate change as regards employment, and take appropriate actions at the local, national or international levels.

And there is a lot to be done. According to the UNEP and the ILO, at least half of the global workforce (equivalent to 1.5 billion people), will be affected by the transition to a low-carbon economy. This transition is going to require everyone to take a stance and get involved, especially trade unions, so we are dealing with a fair and efficient transition; one that ensures the survival of the planet, intensively generating decent jobs and protecting the most vulnerable.
It’s time to start understanding the problems in order to be able to take part in solving them.

You can download the the manual at Sustainlabour website