Valentin Urusov is released

On March 15th, Russian TU leader Valentin Urusov has been released. Hangalassk area district ruled to release Urusov and change the remaining penalty to a lighter form. This became possible due to consistent action of Russian and international trade union structures and also recommendations put forward by ILO to the Government of the Russian Federation.

The release of Valentin Urusov is just a milestone in solidarity actions driven by Russian democratic unions. KTR and its affiliates are set to end the case in full acquittal and to achieve fulfilment of other related ILO recommendations. Back in November 2012, ILO recommended to Russian Government to have a deliberate investigation and to release the trade union leader from jail.

KTR President, Boris Kravchenko, noted: "The early release of Valentin Urusov was made possible due to persistent and coherent efforts of many people and organisation in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yakutsk, Geneva, Brussels, Paris and other places. We were coordinating this work. Today, we’d like to thank all those who took to heart the case of Valentin Urusov and our aspiration to release him for their kind support and share the joy of our achievement with them».