Vicious circle: The Free Trade Union of AEROSVIT Company is on strike again

And again the Free Trade Union of Aviation Workers of AEROSVITCompany came to the President of Ukraine’s building on 22 January 2012 in order to make the country’s authorities to react to the illegal bankruptcy of the company, sacking of employees and non-paying salaries.

The Free Trade Union of AEROSVIT Company, a member of KVPU, one month ago delivered a letter to Mr. Viktor Yanukovich, the President of Ukraine requesting to interfere and secure work places and salaries within the Company and since then (despite promises to resolve the issue) there has been no word from the President Administration.

The head of Free Trade Union of AEROSVIT, VadimRachitelnyi in his interview said: “Since the last strike we haven’t been paid out our salaries. The AEROSVIT authorities own its employees 80 mln Hryvnas and they show no intention to pay the salaries. The country authorities feed us with promises while theworkers have no means to live on”.

Yulia Sergeeva, a single mother, assistant to the head of shift of AEROSVIT technical control center haven’t been paid her salaries for three months. The woman hardly makes ends meet. “I don’t know who else should I come as, I tried everything I could, but it seems that everyone’s deaf to my problems. For three month I’ve had a hand-to-mouth existence with my two children. I know at least three women like me in AEROSVIT staff, living on the pension of their parents…”, said Yulia.

The Head of the Trade Union of Stewards (Viniamin Timoshenko) added that while the General Prosecutor is conducting the investigation of bankruptcy, the AEROSVIT authorities keep firing workers illegally.

During the protest action Mr. Volynets, Head of the Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine called on the Protestants to continue fighting for their rights and assured that free trade unions will always support them.

The President Administration representatives came out to meet the picketers and asked them to come to the Administration this week in order to get the President’s decision. If the decision is not taken and if taken not in favor of the protesters, the trade unions are determined to organize massive trikes in all regions of Ukraine.