Visit of PERC General Secretary to Ukraine

On February, 13-14th, 2008 the delegation of Pan-European Regional Council (PERC) enlarged with the President, M. Shmakov, Andrey Mrost, director of ITUC-PERC office in Moscow and Evgeniy Sidorov, Titular member of PERC Executive Committee visited Ukraine.

The PERC delegation and the three Ukrainian affiliates had a meeting with the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy of Ukraine. The delegation and Ukrainian members were acquainted with the governmental initiatives concerning development of social dialogue in Ukraine after a long period of de facto inactivity and signing of new general agreement. Key initiatives of the ministry involve:

 Draft for law on social dialogue – from the previous parliament – to be put in procedure
 Draft Labour Code, consulted with ILO, currently in the respective commission and moving to plenary session.
 A priority for the social policy – social funds stability through unified system of deducting allowances.

The minister explained also the concerns over the demographic trends and the dramatic situation where 30% of men die in working age. In that area migration also presents problems as emigration (because of low salaries and bad conditions of work) and immigration, particularly illegal one which needs regulation and probably occupational quatas.

At the end of visit to Ukraine members of PERC delegation have visited Academy of Work and Social Relations of Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine where they familiarized with processes of study and retraining the experts on jurisprudence, market relations, social partnership, labour and management organisation.

At the meeting M. Shmakov and J.Monks presented PERC and the ETUC and European policies and problems for trade unions in the EU and answered questions from the students.