Women of Lviv Coal Company arrived in Kiev to demand their salaries

The women-trade unionists of primary trade Union of JSC “Lviv Coal Company”, a member of Independent of Free Trade Union of Miners of Ukraine, picketed the Cabinets of Ministers of Ukraine on June 10, 2013. In January this year the same trade unionists carried out protest actions at the President of Ukraine’s Administration demanding to pay their salary debts for three months, stabilize the work conditions and resolve the issue of coal realization of the Company.

During the protest meeting Olga Shkoropad, the Head of the trade union informed that despite regional protests, the workers of the Company hadn’t been paid their salaries for three months and most of the families have no means for existence. “I’m here in Kiev because I’m desperate and don’t know how to raise and feed my children. Every day I hope and pray that the Company will pay something that I can cook decent food for my kids”, said Iryna. Mayis, a single mother of two children.

After two hours of the action, the women activists, headed by Mikhailo Volynets, Chairman of the Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine (KVPU) were admitted in the Cabinet of Ministers. According to Mr. Volynets the officials treated the delegation neglectfully, saying that all ministers were on vacation. Thus, the trade union’s demands remained up in the air.

Having been unheard the demonstration headed for the Ministry of Social Policy where Volodymyr Matviychuk, the Minister advisor informed that the Minister was on her business trip and assured that the demands of the trade unionists would be communicated to the minister later. Eventually, Mikhailo Volynets was received by the Deputy Minister of Coal Mining Industry. After discussions in the ministry Mr. Volynets returned to the demonstrators and informed that the ministry officials still don’t know what to do as, according to them, they don’t know whom JSC “Lviv Coal Company” belongs to.

This situation looks like a vicious circles as the new owners of the company remain unknown to the Ukrainian officials. How can that be? And how working mothers with children can survive for $200 per month (the average monthly salary of the Company)? And, all the more, this money is not paid for months…