Workers of Mine no2 “Novogrodivska” are on Hunger strike at the office of President of Ukraine’s Administration

On 23rd of June at 10:00 the miners of mine #2 “Novogrodivska”, belonging to the State Enterprise “Vuglerestrukturizatsia” started their hunger strike at the Office of the President of Ukraine’s Administration. Yesterday the miners came to Kiev with the demand to reimburse their salaries. The miners haven’t received their salaries for 8 months.

Workers of the mine addressed Pyotr Poroshenko, the President of Ukraine and Igor Nasalyk, the Minister of Energy and Coal-Mining Industry requesting them to resolve the situation with the salary arrears at the enterprise. The miners haven’t been paid out their salaries since January 2016 and also they didn’t receive salaries for three months of the year 2014.
“Our management is ignoring the situation with the salary debts. Their promises and threats keep workers from decisive measures. Any strike at the mine and the stoppage of the enterprise could lead to the ecological catastrophe in our area and flooding nearest mines of the city”, - written in the letter of appeal to the President.
Two workers of the mine Mykola Vyshnevsky and Igor Bezpamyatnyi (both underground workers) started their hunger strike in Kiev. Other miners are ready to join them, if their demands are not satisfied the soonest.