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Workshop on communication policies for NIS trade unions

4 January 2010: Subregional workshop on communication and campaigning organised by the PERC in Kiev on 17-18 of December involved participants from six countries [AHIK, BKDP, GTUC, FNPR, VKT/KTR, FPU, KVPU, VOST, CFTUK].

Expertise on communication and campagning was provided by Phillip Gousenbourger; on the newspapers and writing press - by the editor-in-chief of ¬ęSolidarity¬Ľ newspaper, FNPR Secretary Alexander Shershukov; on the use of online technologies in the organizing, campaigning, collective bargaining, etc., by Angrey Hnatiuk, president of the IT union of Ukraine.
Workhop was attended by the FPU Vice president Sergei Kondruk (all two
days) and a team of experts from FPU Media Center, who presented as an example, a FPU draft concept of information policy.

Participants exchanged information and developed principles of the information and communication policy. It was a unanimous decision to continue this work next year, and the PERC was requested to find opportunity to apply for a separate Project assistance, and invite interested GUFs to join in.

As a first step it was decided earlier next year to arrange a demonstration web conference in Kiev (format, communication programs and other online instruments are to be provided by the FPU affiliated PIT union) demonstrating opportunities of online campaigning, union - employer live dialog, PP presentations, developing and editing joint documents online, developing union audio information products (format similar to podcast) for organizing and recruiting.

/ITUC-PERC Moscow office

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