Youth employment: breaking gender barriers for young women and men

The PERC, in cooperation with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, has organised a two-days conference "Youth employment: breaking gender barriers for young women and men" in Warsaw, Poland, 14 and 15 October. The conference brought together some 30 participants from different countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

The discussion was organised in three main blocks. The first part was devoted to the mismatches between skills and competencies that young people are acquiring in their education (general and vocational) with those demanded by the labour markets. The discussion also included the gender dimension, in particular, the gender stereotisation of certain professional occupations in the process of education and socialisation that results in bringing young women to lower-paid jobs.

The second part focused on the current situation on labour markets re. young workers, the unemployment and the underemployment, and quality of jobs available for young people. It was strongly stressed that while even before the crisis the jobs that young people could achieve were of precarious nature, with the effects of the crisis and austerity measures the governments are taken to reduce budget deficits, the jeopardy that the young people of Europe - yesterday’s, today’s and tomorrow’s newcomers to the labour markets - will be "a lost generation".

The last session was devoted to the issues that young workers, particularly women are facing while trying to reconcile work and family life. The situation differs much in this regard in Central and Eastern Europe, with still "satisfying systems", with maternity protection and family policies prioritised, to the point of no maternitry protection at all, like in Georgia.

Following the discussions the participants developed a list of issues to be further taken up by the PERC Youth and Women’s Committees.

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