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7th PERC Summer School

13 October 2014: 7th PERC Summer School took place in Bratislava on 6-7 of October. The event was supported by FES.

The School has become a platform to discuss the outcomes of 3d ITUC World Congress (Berlin, May 2014), in particular strategy and priorities outlined in the final Congress paper, which serves as a roadmap for actions for the next four years. In particular, the Building workers power agenda includes four pillars: realising rights, organizing and sustainable jobs.

The Participants were to challenge this strategy against the current state of play in pan-european region in general and in each country in particular, so that to implement it effectively to strengthen union on all levels. The trade union leaders called strong social dialogue and its robust institutions a prerequisite for labour movement growth. Also much effort should go to set up social dialogue in sectors and/or territories where it is weak or non-existent.

One of the sessions focused on economic trends and their impact on the labor market and employment. ITUC and ETUI experts talked about ITUC policy towards IFIs, the impact of foreign direct investment on employment, as well as the transition to a "green" economy and the role of trade unions in this process. Also during the discussion participants mentioned the negative impact of neo-liberal propaganda on the perception of trade union initiatives, and therefore trade unions should prioritise their communication work to expose the "neo-liberal myths."

A special session of the School was dedicated to human and trade union rights violations and the work ITUC is doing in this regard, namely renewd version od ITUC trade union rights violations survey and ITUC Global rights index, which ranges the the countries according to the compliance with international labour and human rights standards both in legislation and in practice.

ITUC-PERC affiliates presented their organising best practices in the concluding part of the School. the session also featured an ETUI presentation on efficiency of youth structures in national trade union centres. ITUC will continue to promote initiatives for organizing and involvement of young people. In particular,the next ITUC Organising Academy wi gather exclusively young trade union activists.

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TU Youth Structures
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Employment and resource-efficient economy
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FDI and Employment

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