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Relations with international financial institutions

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Joint meeting of Network of SEE and NIS trade unions economic experts “Investments, austerity, labor market deregulation effects and inequality”

12-05-2016 - Within the ITUC – PERC support project of the Swedish trade unions “Union to Union“, a first joint meeting of Network of SEE and NIS trade union economic (...) read more

PERC preparatory meeting for the International Labour Conference

18-04-2016 - The preparatory meeting for the ILC took place in Lisbon, 14 and 15 April. The participants discussed the agenda of the International Labour (...) read more

The IMF’s false policies hit Ukraine

01-09-2015 - The Ukrainian economy has contracted in the two quarters of this year by roughly 15% on a year-on-year comparison while industrial production and (...) read more
The IMF and Ukraine

The IMF and Ukraine

05-08-2015 - Ukraine has been the subject of IMF programmes under various government since 2004. Ukraine’s current IMF programme bears some resemblance with the (...) read more
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