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Azeri trade union hosts ITUC-ILO Regional meeting on migration and human trafficking in Baku

5 May 2011: On 27 and 28 April 2011 National trade unions from several CIS countries met in Baku to discuss trade union cooperation on migration, development and the protection of migrant workers’ rights. Trade union representatives from the Russian Federation, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine joined with experts from the ITUC, ILO, OSCE and IOM and the Serbian NGO Astra as well as representatives of the Azeri government. The meeting was co-organised by the ITUC-PERC, ILO and AHIK.

Trade union leaders agreed on common points for future trade union action in the region, including amongst others: prioritising the creation of decent jobs in all countries of the region; ensuring the right of every employee, including migrants, to create and join a union and bargain collectively; spreading the struggle against precarious work in the fight against human trafficking, including those practiced by unscrupulous private employment agencies and criminal groups; strengthening the role of labour inspection to prevent exploitation, forced labour and discrimination; the inclusion of labour standards in bilateral and multilateral agreements; cooperation with NGOs to prevent trafficking and support migrants, integration and reintegration of migrant workers, rehabilitation of workers, victims of human trafficking; identifying and bringing to justice those organising human trafficking; campaigning for the integration of migrant workers in trade unions and society; fighting social exclusion, xenophobia against and stigmatisation of migrants; exchange of experiences and practices of organising and protecting the rights of migrant workers through bilateral and multilateral agreements and trade union cooperation programmes.

On this occasion, AHIK signed a new agreement with the Russian trade union FNPR to address the challenges of new trends in labour migration.

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