Conference of the PERC Women’s Committee

The Conference of the PERC Women’s Committee took place on 8 November in Budapest with the participation of around 40 women from organisations in the PERC region.

The main purpose of the Conference was to discuss the work program of the PERC Women’s Committee for the period 2012-2014 : establish the priorities, stimulate PERC member unions to initiate equality activities and policy mainstreaming on the national level, role and responsibilities of the PERC Women’s Committee and its members. The meeting had as guests representatives of the ILO, ITUC, ETUC and ISCOS. The Conference send a message of support and solidarity with the Hungarian women who are facing big challenges under the conditions of the on-going crisis and austerity.
The Conference has decided on intensifying the Decent Work for Decent Life Women Campaign; discussed positive actions to further strengthen women’s involvement in trade union decision-making and strengthen the position of women’s structures in their unions; mainstreaming gender equality; intensify campaigning on national level for the ratification of the ILO Conventions and support for the ratification of the Domestic Workers Convention; work on the elimination of workplace violence and participation in the ITUC and ETUC campaigns.

The following documents have been adopted : the work program of the committee for the next two years, the Conference statement of the gender aspects of the on-going crisis and increase of austerity measures taken by European governments, the proposal of closer collaboration with the international institutions, especially Council of Europe, mobilization for the campaign on the elimination of violence against women.

The future work program of the PERC Women’s Committee will be finalized beginning of February 2013 when the committee meeting is foreseen.
The Conference elected the new members of the PERC Women’s Committee. Mariana Kniesner BNS/Romania was elected President; Sabine Slegers/CGSLB Belgium and Yanka Takeva/CITUB Bulgaria Vice-Presidents.

The Conference was followed by a Committee meeting on 9 November to discuss how to better organize itself, future collaboration with different partners and the tasks within the committee.

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