Croatia: Youth for the Decent Work

Youth Sections of the Union of Autonomous Trade Unions of Croatia (UATUC), Independent Trade Unions of Croatia (NHS) and Croatian Trade Union Association (HUS) are actively involved in the above stated Campaign and through different activities they want to contribute to realization of its aims.

In the last few months, Youth Sections of the UATUC, NHS and HUS have been carrying out a research by gathering signatures and complaints in the Complaints Book among young people in Croatia in order to gain insight into their opinions regarding their position at the labour market and draw attention to the scope and nature of problems they are faced with. Due to large interest of young people, the Complaints Book Project continues throughout Croatia and the Book will be handed in to the Croatian Prime Minister on 1 May.
The future of the young people, and hence the future of the country, is endangered due to negative trends in economic, social and educational policy. In Croatia, 30 percent of the young people are unemployed, 85 percent of the newly employed have fixed-term employment contracts, young people have temporary or seasonal work, they work through employment agencies, they work overtime without decent bonuses, they are faced with “last hired, first fired” principle, they earn on the average 20 percent less then adult workers, they do not have appropriate social protection and occupational safety and health protection, they are often being used as cheap labour, they are discriminated against on the basis of their age and lack of experience without the possibility of vocational training and promotion; they are often not registered, their wages are often paid in cash, they are in constant fear of being dismissed so they even do not demand their fundamental rights.
In this way we ask the Government of the Republic of Croatia to develop horizontal strategies which would include all areas of society – social policy, responsible labour market policy and education and would guarantee their implementation. Trade unions and representatives of their Youth Sections must be included in this process. We demand true social dialogue, full-term employment contracts, easier procedures of obtaining full-term employment, more vocational training, harmonisation of educational system with real labour market needs, safe working conditions and employment relationships with wages which ensure decent life. The aim of every government should be to provide every worker, hence also young workers, a decent work so they and their families can have decent life and to provide full respect of social rights, social protection and security. Young people need future, because there is no future without us!
It` s time! BECAUSE WE WANT …

„... Croatia to become, in the first place, a country of satisfied people!“ (from Strategic Development Framework for 2006-2013)

Dijana Šobota, UATUC Youth Section, project coordinator
Marija Jukić, NHS Youth Committee
Gordana Ilakovac, HUS Youth Coordination