First meeting of the BSPSH and KSSH Construction Trade Unions Project Advisory Group

Following the PERC FNV project working group meeting of 18th of February 2009, in Tirana a first meeting of the BSPSH and KSSH Construction Trade Unions Project Advisory Group (PAG) has been organised on 19th of February 2009, in Tirana. The meeting was held in accordance with the conclusions of the ILO project implementation strategy agreed on the Sub regional Trade Union seminar on “Informal economy in the construction sector”, held on 27 and 28 of August 2008, in Podgorica with representatives of Construction Trade Unions from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.

The ILO tripartite project on: “Strengthening Social Partnership in Western Balkans: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro” – Informal economy in the Construction sector.

Tirana, 19 February 2009

The Project Advisory Group was attended by 8 representatives of the BSPSH Independent Trade Union of Construction workers, the KSSH Trade Union of Construction and Wood Industry, representatives of the two confederations, BSPSH and KSSH. Jasmin Redzepovic, PERC and Sergejus Glovackas, PERC participated on the PAG meeting assisting the ILO and the two organisations in the project implementation. The ILO and PERC agreed to cooperate closely in the implementation of their projects on informal economy in Albania.

The two construction branch Trade Unions of BSPSH and KSSH, which cooperate very closely, discussed the main findings and recommendations of the mapping paper on informal economy in the construction sector in Albania, prepared by an independent expert engaged by the ILO. This was followed by a presentation of the work done by KSSH Construction and Wood workers Trade Union and BSPSH Independent Trade Union of construction in the filed of informal economy.

The main priorities of the Trade Unions in the construction sector are: (1) enforcement of laws and by this reducing the number of informal enterprises and undeclared work (2) protecting rights of workers in MNEs by signing of collective agreements and (3) ensuring occupational healthy and safety at the work place trough tripartite bodies. The PAG underlined that the national action plan should give special attention to the set up of regular consultations with the Employers representatives and to the enhancement of the National Labour Council functioning, as well as, to the protection of the rights of migrant workers. The PAG drafted the Trade Union input to the tripartite national action plan on informal economy in the constructions sector suggesting to choose four regions: Korca, Tirana, Vlora and Skodra. The social dialogue on the level of this four regions, that should involve social partners and Government institutions, as well as, municipal authorities could serve as a model of good practise that could help in defining a national wide strategy reducing informal economy in the construction sector in Albania. First TU activities should start in April 2009 after the tripartite consultations of the Government, Employers Association and Trade Unions in Albania that will be held in March 2009.

3 March 2009