Health and Safery experts network for NIS is being set up

Following the PERC work program dedicated to health and safety issues a workshop for NIS countries took place in Kiev on the 8th and the 9th of December with the financial support of the LO/TCO.

Around fifteen participants were present from Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Moldova, Hungary and Czech Republic. The workshop was meant to continue the work done already in the region and to suggest future actions to be taken.

The ILO expert Wiking Husbert presented the ILO perspective on occupational health and safety with the accent on standards, mechanisms and technical assistance. He stressed the importance of developing social dialogue when negotiating health and safety clauses and the importance of introducing the preventive culture when discussing the national programs.

Gyorgy Karoly from MSZOSZ Hungary referred to the EU perspective on occupational health and safety and the role of trade unions and Vlastimir Altner from CMKOS Czech Republic explained the challenges faced by the workers in the mining sector. The participants stressed the importance of the health and safety issues, the necessity to develop their work in the field and proposed a bigger event to take place in the region with the involvement of trade union leaders.


OSH meeting NIS programme
EU perspective OHS K.Gyorgy PP
Unions role in OSH V.Altner PP
Czech case mining sector V.Altner