ITUC letter to IOE regards participation in ILO Regional Meeting

ITUC General Secretary Sharan Burrow responds to the IOE General Secretary’s letter HERE regarding non-participation of ITUC and ETUC in the ILO European Regional Meeting in Istanbul (2-5 October).

In a view of the deteriorating conditions for workers and their trade unions in Turkey, and in line with the PERC Executive Committee of the 19th April conclusions, the General Secretaries of the ITUC and ETUC called PERC member organisations not to attend the European Regional Meeting.

The ITUC and ETUC deplore the massive wave of dismissals of workers, particularly public employees – but also municipal workers notably where trustees have been appointed – by the Turkish government, in most cases based on no evidence or proof, which is not in compliance with the rule of law.

We demand and end to the violations, and respect for and implementation of ILO standards, in particular Conventions 87 and 98 on trade union rights.

ITUC to IOE re ILO regional european conference