PERC Women’s Committee expert meeting 12 February, Brussels

The PERC Women’s Committee expert meeting took place on 12 February in Brussels with the support from the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung. Friederike Kamm, gender responsible in the FES Brussels office welcomed the participants and presented the main gender activities and priorities.

The main purpose of the meeting was to discuss and approve the PERC Women’s Committee Work plan for 2013 and to prepare for the meeting of the PERC Executive Committee on 4-th of March. The agenda of the meeting included a round table on main challenges and activities in the sub regional structures of the PERC ; follow up action on the documents adopted during the Women’s Conference in Budapest; relations and common action with the ETUC Women’s committee members; preparation for the 8-th of March and lunch of the Survey on crisis and female employment in the Balkans and the NIS; preparation of the next Women’s School and establish the tasks and responsibilities within the committee. At the meeting representatives of the PERC Youth Committee have been invited to share their priorities and action plan for this year.

workplan 2013
position of women in society
distribution of tasks