PERC Women’s Committee meeting

PERC Women’s Committee meeting took place from 25 to 26 October in ITUH , Brussels.
The main points on the agenda of the first part of the meeting were : discussion on the report of activities of the PERC women’s committee for the 2017, evaluation of PERC women’s delegation participation in the 3-rd World Women’s Organizing Assembly in Costa Rica; preparation for the next ILC discussion on violence and the ITUC campaigns on fighting violence at the workplace and national initiatives.

Second day of the meeting was dedicated to discussion on Work Life Balance. Cinzia Sechi, ETUC Advisor, was invited by the committee to present the ETUC assessment of the EU Commission Package on Work-Life Balance.
The discussion with committee members showed that balancing work and life is a problem common in all countries in the region and that there is an urgent need for governmental investment in child and elderly care facilities. Participants stressed the importance of collective bargaining in finding best working time arrangements to balance work and family issues. Further enlargement of the discussion was proposed for next year.

The committee discussed also the activities and projects foreseen was the next year; special attention was given to improving communication and distribution of information with women’s networks and committees in the PERC region.

The committee has positively evaluated the work done and the results of the ITUC Survey of the Count us in campaign : recently good progress has been made with increasing the number of women in top leadership positions: 30,3 % women are among elected top-leadership positions (presidents, vice-presidents; general secretaries, deputy general secretaries, treasurers. Still work to be done in the future to involve as many countries as possible in the Count us in campaign and concentrate on the economic and social agenda for women, care economy and fighting violence against women and men at the work place.

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