PERC Youth Network from the SEE TUs for communication and campaigns

Meeting of the PERC Youth Network from the SEE TU for communication and campaigns was held on 1-2 December 2016 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Among the participants were the representatives from the trade unions: BSPSH and KSSH – Albania, KSBiH/SSSBiH and SSRS – Bosnia and Herzegovina, UFTUM and CTUM – Montenegro, UATUC – Croatia, KSS – Macedonia, and TUC Nezavisnost – Serbia. The meeting was held with the financial support of the International Labor Organization (ILO) and Swedish trade unions “Union to Union”.
ILO National Coordinator for BiH, Ms. Lejla Tanović, and KSBiH President, Mr. Ismet Bajramović, as well as Coordinator of the ITUC/PERC SEE TU Office, Ms. Enisa Salimović attended the meeting and addressed the participants.
Members of the TU Network for communications and campaigns, who attended the meeting, presented the current situation on the internal and external communication in their respective organizations, as well as their experiences in conducting the trade union campaigns, while recognizing some good sides in their practices, but also certain weaknesses. They have already gained some knowledge and skills in this area, for which reason the regional cooperation among experts for communications and campaigns is extremely important. Participants have also presented the strategies of their organizations related to the improvement of information system, internal and external communication.
Colleague David Norton from International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) – Communications and Campaigns from Brussels, and Julian Scola, Head of European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) Press and Communications from Brussels gave their significant contribution to the quality of the meeting. They presented the operation of their organizations in reference to the matters of communication and campaigns, and shared their experiences on information within the framework of ITUC and ETUC. They pointed out in their presentations the examples of Internet use in their campaigns. They advised the participants to use all the knowledge and skills, good practices and experiences and thus improve the work on information, while using the contemporary technological possibilities in communication, such as social media that offer great possibilities.
Following the two-day meeting, the participants have pointed out the relevance of cooperation at the regional level, as well as experiences presented by the colleagues. They are of the opinion that the Network should continue within the framework of regional cooperation, exchange of both positive and negative experiences, and new practices in use of modern technologies.