PERC project making workshop for Women and Youth

Upon request of the Youth and Women’s committees of the PERC a three-day workshop on building project skills was organised for young trade unionists of several affiliates from NIS and SEE. Particular attention was given to participation of those dealing with project work and with youth / gender activities in the organisations.

Paola Simonetty of the ITUC introduced the participants to the ITUC development and cooperation agenda and its Development and Cooperation Network and to different project opportunities existing within the European Union financial frameworks. They also reflected upon project experiences of their organisations.

Grigor Gradev informed about the role of the project work in the PERC operations and the tendencies of decentralisation of project funding as well as about marginalisation of social partners in civil society consultative frameworks of the two subregions, which often have repercussions on project opportunities, since the funding tends to be diverted to professional low-scale NGOs. One of the reasons for that is that unions often lack the necessary skills to compete with these NGOs in the set up of the calls for proposals that do not reflect correctly the role of social partners in the societies. While the

In group work the participants were able to improve their project writing skills by working on the Logical Framework Approach, concept notes, activities planning and budget of the specific initiatives they might wish to develop. The group decided to continue joint work and to set up a network of practice sharing.

The activity was financially supported by the ILO-ACTRAV.

Paola Simonetti PPT on LFA