Social partners protests against the initiatives of Romanian government

Romanian trade unions, employers’ organisations, and other civil society organisations have condemned the decision of the Romanian Government to assume its responsibility on the Laws on Social dialogue and are urging the Government to urgently begin the negotiations with the social partners.

The Law on Social dialogue is of extreme importance and represent the basis of social dialogue in Romania.

The social partners have announced to intervene with the European institutions and trade unions will prepare and send a complaint to the ILO on the violation of ILO Conventions 87, 98 and 154 which have been ratified by Romania. The complaint will refer to the provision of the new Labour Code and the Law on Social dialogue.

The ITUC has sent a letter of protest on the lack of social dialogue in Romania and expressed its solidarity with the Romanian trade union movement fighting for the survival of social dialogue.

Sharan Burrow letter to government and parliament